A Voice for the Innocent

Several years ago before the idea of publishing a memoir detailing my experience with a sexually abusive relationship even crossed my mind, I came across a wonderful organization.

Screen shot 2018-11-13 at 1.27.07 PM

A Voice for the Innocent: a humble website where those who desperately needed to speak the truth of their own experiences with sexual abuse could do so safely, and anonymously.

I thought about submitting my own experience for several months before finally taking the time to do so. Once I did, it felt like a weight had been lifted off of my chest. Something I didn’t even know that I was carrying around with me for the near decade since the abuse took place. I was empowered and inspired by the freedom I felt in my ability to share my story. The validation of seeing others comment “me too” years before those words became part of our national conversation regarding the survivors of sexual crimes.

It was after sharing my experience for the very first time written on AVFTI that I decided to pursue publication and committed to sorting out my word vomit of a story into something that could in it’s own time, inspire others.

Now, with the modest success of Candy Apple Butterscotch I feel it’s only appropriate to give back to AFVTI. If it hadn’t been for the wonderful supportive community they offer, I wouldn’t have been able to transcend my trauma or put it into words.

Stay tuned for details on my upcoming fundraiser partnership with A Voice for the Innocent. I’m really excited about how things are coming together so far and I can’t wait to share them with you!

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