Eleanor’s Library Available Tomorrow

I’m so excited to announce that my first complete work of fiction is ready for the masses! It’s been a long seven-year journey for Eleanor’s Library. From its conception until publication took quite a bit of effort. It started as a Camp National Novel Writing Month project in 2012. I was 36 weeks pregnant with my first child (my daughter) and set out to write something entirely for her. Not only was it my first NaNo win, but the sentimental nature of the story has kept it close to my heart.

Until this past year, it’s been sitting quietly on my hard drive waiting for me to finish it. Writing the story is the natural part. Getting it ready to publish is an entirely different matter, mainly when I chose not to hire an editor this time around. Editing is the bane of my existence. I’m sure many other authors can relate to it. After searching around online, I was able to find some excellent software that helped expedite my editing process, finally bringing Eleanor’s Library to life.


“What defines a library? Is it a collection of books for the masses? A collection of knowledge, for the taking? Or simply a quiet place to contemplate and learn? One might say that it’s a magical place. Filled with imagination, creativity, and the lost thoughts and ideas of the past. For Eleanor, all of these things were true. Not only did she inherit a brick and mortar building housed with books, but she also inherited something a bit magical.”

Available for pre-order now through the Kindle Store on Amazon. Paperback and audiobook versions coming soon!

Copyright: R. MacCeile 2019

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