Random Acts of Kindness

One of our main goals as a family this year is consolidating our small debts and working toward becoming debt-free within five years. We’ve been diligently paying ahead on many of our monthly bills and refinanced our mortgage. The way the holidays fell this year landed squarely in the middle of our billing cycle and prevented us from having a lot of wiggle room in our budget for fun things. We made do and enjoyed the holidays despite this while remaining within our budget.

We expected to make our mortgage payment this week, and Hubs dutifully logged in to the website with our account information and money set aside in our checking account. He logged in and discovered that our next payment isn’t due until February. At first, he assumed it was an error somewhere so he called the mortgage company and double-checked with them. Same thing. Our next payment is due in February. Still, in disbelief my husband logged on to our account portal and looked at our payment history. According to the mortgage company, our January payment was made on December 25th, Christmas Day.

For a moment, we thought we paid it ourselves and just forgot about it so we checked our bank statement. Nope. Someone paid our mortgage payment, but it wasn’t us. It was the exact dollar amount, not a penny more or less and we have zero ideas where it came from. We’re extremely thankful to our Mystery Mortgage Payee, but at the same time, it makes me incredibly uneasy exactly how someone was able to pay our payment.

Our mortgage company is locked down tighter than Black Beard’s Treasure. They won’t even let ME make a payment without speaking to my husband first. I had my husband’s birthday, social security number, account number and still, they refused to take money from me. Whomever our anonymous donor was either has a very high banking connection or some deep web hacking skills. I guess they could have made the payment online, but that’s even more creepy since they would have to have all of my husband’s personal information in addition to his randomized assigned password from our freaking mortgage company.

I don’t know. We’re extremely thankful, and I guess as long as Mystery Mortgage Payee continues to use his powers for good instead of evil we won’t dwell on it. Don’t slap a gift-horse in the mouth or whatever that saying is, right? Thank you, Mystery Mortgage Payee! Your kindness and generosity have given us a wonderful financial boost to start off the new year.



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