Updates and Events

Hello everyone! It’s been a while since I’ve taken the time to update you all on what’s happening around here in the MacCeile household. I’ve been keeping myself busy finishing up the first phase of my continuing education, celebrating the holiday season with my family and juggling all of my household responsibilities.

I haven’t entirely neglected my writing efforts, but I have slowed down in recent months. After my whirlwind NaNoWriMo success, I decided to step back a little bit. I’m still working diligently on my next project, but I’m giving it more room to breathe than my previous projects.

I’m also in the process of setting up some signing and fundraising events in the coming months. I neglected those types of events last year, but I missed interacting with the public. I’d like to do less writing and more marketing as the year marches forward. So far I have some promising prospects, but no concrete details at the moment.

On a personal note, my daughter is struggling with her teacher this year. At the beginning of the year, things seemed so promising, but as time wore on and we interacted more things have slowly been deteriorating. The most poignant event occurred when my daughter was acting up in class around Christmas. I understand part of the disciplinary practices at the school include making a phone call home to parents if they reach a certain level on the behavior chart. I take no issue with that itself, however, my daughter was forced to make her phone call, while she was bawling IN FRONT OF THE ENTIRE CLASS at the end of the day.

At first, we decided to let it slide. It was nearing the middle of the year, everyone was tired and ready for the winter break. I have trouble balancing three kids and their needs sometimes, and I can’t imagine trying to wrangle thirty kids so we chalked it up to the teacher having a bad day and small lapse in judgment. Once she got home, our daughter seemed content to discuss it with us and move forward.

Winter break passed and my daughter was excited to return to school. She had a great first day back, but after that things continued to slide downhill. Soon she wasn’t able to concentrate in class at all, and her grades began to suffer. We received several notes home explaining that she was acting out; then being dishonest to her teacher. (Can you blame her after the public embarrassment?) In addition to her behavior at school deteriorating, she also began to have regular school-related nightmares at home. Every night for the past few weeks she has been in my bedroom at least twice, sometimes three times nightly. Her dreams are anxiety-driven. They all include classmates or school situations and there is little I can do to calm her down. She hasn’t outright refused to get on the bus, but my once happy, outgoing child is now withdrawn, sluggish and nearly always in trouble.

We’ve made an appointment with her therapist to see if we can get to the bottom of what’s troubling her. She hasn’t shared with me or my husband much beyond what we hear from the teacher and when she talks about it she seems very uncomfortable. I know she tends to be more introverted than extroverted and she asked for a journal to write down her thoughts. We’re going to try that and see if it helps in the meantime until we can figure out how to help her either overcome this obstacle with her teacher or get her transferred into a different class. I hate to transfer into a different class away from her best friends, especially more than halfway through the year, but if her teacher is consistently delivering discipline in a public humiliating fashion I can’t in good conscious leave her in the class either.

Some day my kiddo will have a decent teacher that embraces her emotional intelligence and independent spunk. Or she’ll at least learn to navigate the world around those who don’t without crippling anxiety.

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