A Dream Come True

You guyyyyyys I did it!! Ten years ago when I first seriously began to consider furthering my education it seemed like an unattainable goal to get in and be able to afford an education from Purdue. For one, to attend the main campus they had very stringent requirements that simply didn’t work as a young adult beginning my family.

As a Freshman I would have been required to live on campus and it really just didn’t work with my new marriage and potential kids on the horizon. I was disappoint but settled instead for an education at their partnership campus with Indiana University IUPUI. I enrolled, I selected my classes, and then I found myself pregnant with my daughter and unable to actually finish any classes that I started. I had to withdrawal my enrollment and put my education on hold yet again.

A few years later I revisited my education and decided instead of enrolling immediately into a four year school that I would get some credits out of the way at Ivy Tech (the local community college) and cut some costs. I had a child to support and I wasn’t about to take on more debt than I could handle with the shaky job market. Again, I enrolled, applied for my financial aid and selected my classes. Less than two weeks before I was scheduled to start classes my financial aid fell through because the school was on the cusp of losing its accreditation. Again, I had to withdrawal and put my plans on hold. Which turned out for the best since a week after my withdrawal was finalized I discovered I was pregnant with my twins. Lol.

Two years ago, after life settled down and the insanity that is two newborn babies waned into toddlerhood I once again decided to pursue my continuing education. This time I chose Penn Foster to get my GenEd credits out of the way. Third time must be the charm because I was finally able to complete my class work. I have two more elective classes to finish over the next two weeks and then I can move forward toward my bachelors degree!

At first I planned on continuing my education with Penn Foster. They have been a wonderful experience, but their higher education courses are lacking the niche that I actually want to pursue. I could get my bachelors in business management and an additional associates in Human Resources, but the class schedule was incredibly redundant. While it would be less expensive in the short term, I would have to continue my education elsewhere regardless.

Which lead me to explore Purdue once again. I’d heard they began to offer online courses but I never earnestly looked into it until last month. At first I was hesitant. They do offer online classes, but the reason they’re able to do so is because they bought out Kaplan University. I wasn’t going to pay Purdue prices for Kaplan curriculum, but after some extensive research I discovered that in the years since the acquisition the instructors and curriculum have been trained/adjusted to meet the standards that live up to the Purdue name. It’s the exact same education for less than half the price and designed to meet the flexibility I need as a working mom.

So I applied. I figured the worst they could do was say no right? My GPA was within the perimeters, however my SAT scores had long since expired. I can always take the SAT again (and actually finish it this time lol) but I don’t have to. I was accepted and my classes start this fall!!

I am over the freakin moon right now. I never in a million years thought that I would be able to finish my education at the university I’ve always wanted to attend. I don’t particularly know why, but even before I moved to Indiana I had always been interested in an education from Purdue. I’m not particularly math, science, or agriculturally apt but something has always drawn me to the school especially after I visited the campus a few years back.

The really great thing about receiving my bachelors through their online program is that I can attend the main campus for my masters. They offer the programs online too, but without the residency requirements of the undergrad studies I’m going for broke. I’ll attend that campus dammit. I’m almost half way there. 😁

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