Quarantine Day 15

Whew. Figured out my mental block, got a hold of my doctor and adjusted my medication. I’m doing MUCH better now. I fought taking medication for so long, but now in the midst of chaos, I don’t know how I was able to function without it for so long. I’m still on an exceptionally low dose all things considered, but it’s just the thing I need to refocus and buckle down. I felt the results after three days on my new dose. It’s glorious. lol. 

The world is still sideways, and things are still stressful, but I’ve been able to dust myself off and get back up so to speak. Yesterday I spent the majority of the day cleaning up the house. Our house is always fairly clean just a bit cluttered here and there in the midst of a busy life. I pulled out furniture, cleaned all the baseboards, vacuumed and mopped the ENTIRE house in addition to folding all the laundry and preparing meals. 

It was a full productive day at work which I haven’t had in a long time. Probably since the beginning of February when all of this virus nonsense really started to seep into the fabric of our daily lives. It’s true the first local case wasn’t announced until about a month ago in Central Indiana, but I still felt the world shifting which made concentration and productivity difficult. 

I miss my job. I only have one more week and then I should be back on the schedule if everything goes well. It was nice to have a bit of a break and get projects and things caught up around the house for sure, but it hasn’t been the same not trekking out to work and interacting with my coworkers. I love my job. It will be hard to say goodbye if the world doesn’t work itself out before the beginning of the new school year this coming fall. 

So far I’ve been able to squish the kids’ online learning into the schedule with my own. If I try to squish all the online learning into the schedule on top of my own school work and going back to my job… I’m not sure it will work out. I’m hoping the world will go back to normal before then, but I’m also preparing for the reality that it might not. I guess well just have to see what happens.


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