Quarantine: Day 33

I don’t know what to do with myself. I was scheduled to graduate from phase one of my continued education in June working around the kids’ school schedule and my work schedule. After all of those commitments got flipped onto their head and we’ve all been home for over a month now, I finished my classes early.

Now I’m stuck waiting to see if my loans will go through or not in the middle of these uncertain financial times. I thought long and hard about taking out loans as we teeter on the verge of financial collapse as unemployment skyrockets and the world attempts to recover from the catastrophic effect the pandemic has had on the world markets. Right now my husband and I are both “essential” employees. Not much has changed for us financially speaking and if something were to happen to either of our jobs we could still comfortably pay back my loans. Four years from now? Who the hell knows where the world will be by then…

BUT I did it anyway. I took the plunge and applied for the loans. My application to the school was already accepted months ago now it’s just a matter of getting my payment squared away and starting my classes. If all goes well I’ll be starting July 29th. Which is the weekend before my kids also go back to school. Well… if my kids go back to school at all anyway.

After experiencing the distance learning over these past few weeks with my daughter, I’ve decided to homeschool my twins for Kindergarten. They are ready, but the local school system refused to give them the entrance test because they have a December birthday and won’t be five until after the beginning of the school year. I argued. I begged. I pleaded with them to at least give my boys a chance to take the test and see, but they refused. I had planned on merely trying to keep them engaged until they could get to school, but after the state shut down the schools and my daughter came home for the final quarter of the year I changed my mind. Teaching the curriculum at the first-grade level isn’t difficult. (Except that damn common core math what the hell is that?!) So, I nosed around online and found a great all-inclusive state-recognized Kindergarten curriculum. It was affordable and all of the lesson plans are right there for me to follow along with. I ordered it and both of my boys are super excited to start working on it this upcoming Fall.

My daughter is doing a lot better at home too. She’s much more eager to learn and finish her assignments and she’s less apt to argue or dread getting up in the morning. If she wasn’t so social and desperately missing her friends I’d probably keep her home for second grade too… but she is desperately missing her friends and I think she enjoys the independence that was afforded to her getting on the bus every morning and doing her own thing. I don’t want to take that away from her. At least as long as it’s safe to send her and the schools are open anyway.

I’m optimistic that all of this will be over and things will go back to normal before the beginning of the next school season. I’m optimistic, but also realize science doesn’t work that way. If the virus has time to fester and mutate it will likely become seasonal which means until they have a vaccine or better form of treatment that doesn’t involve expensive medical equipment this “new” normal will probably endure at least for two years. I really not, but I’m trying to prepare myself anyway. I guess we’ll see what happens.



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