Expensive Laughs

Apparently there is a “challenge” going around on TikTok which requires you to tell your partner that they “could have been nicer today” and record their reaction. I stay away from TikTok, but I saw an article shared about it via BuzzFeed which billed it as “surprisingly wholesome.”

Uh…. no. This is not wholesome. Manipulating your partner’s emotions for laughs is not wholesome. In fact, in most instances it could be considered abusive. That’s flat out what it is. It’s emotional abuse.

First of all: it’s dishonest. If your relationship is otherwise healthy, there’s zero need to pretend that you’re feeling dissatisfied. Now, if you’re genuinely feeling dissatisfied; then yes. It needs to be a discussion you have with your partner, but it doesn’t need to be put on display via social media and turned into a giant fucking joke.

Second of all: your partner trusts you with their emotions. Relationships are where you are supposed to go for comfort and to let your guard down emotionally speaking. People who love you are going to be concerned about you. If you express dissatisfaction they’re going to take it seriously. They’re not going to expect to be made a spectacle for laughs on the internet with random strangers.

At the very least, it’s inconsiderate. I’m not saying that pranks, and teasing have no place in a relationship. Hubs and I spar every once and a while joking and roasting each other and it’s all in good fun. The difference is, we don’t make it public. It’s not for likes. It’s for fun, and bonding in our own home.

Maybe I’m just getting to that age where I become a curmudgeon and nothing the younger generations do make sense to me. Perhaps this is just the new norm in terms of relationships and these couples are otherwise happy and healthy. It still makes my stomach turn to watch these genuine people and their legitimate feelings be turned into a mockery.

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