There are two major differences between publishing a memoir and publishing an autobiography. The terms are often interchanged, but that is a disservice to each genre.

Autobiographies are the more formal of the two. They are cited, referenced, researched and prepared in conjunction with many different people. The text covers the subjects life from birth until the point where the text was written.

Memoirs, on the other hand, are written exclusively by one individual (sometimes two) about a portion of the author’s life. Something significant or important with minimal references to birth, citations, or references. Memoirs are stories from the trenches of the authors life. They are not all inclusive like an autobiography. Memoirs are filled with opinions, anecdotes, and memories.

The other major difference between memoirs and autobiographies are the legal protections each one has after wading through the mire of the legal system. Memoirs are almost exclusively protected by the first amendment because they are published with overt knowledge that the text holds the opinions of the author. As long as free speech exists, memoirs nearly have carte blanche when it comes to the stories included.

The entire Donald Trump vs Stormy Daniels fiasco is a perfect example. The only thing Ms. Daniels had to prove was the existence of a relationship regardless of how the relationship was later defined by either party. After that her writing was protected. She didn’t have to change his name because there was proof that the relationship happened. And despite all of Donald’s money and crooked lawyers he still had to settle out of court because Stormy did nothing wrong.

SO… those in my audience here looking for “clues” to “prove” my legal identity and tie my books back to Noah’s legal identity… you are shit out of luck. I changed names, and identifying details out of respect. I don’t have to publishing under a memoir. I have proof that the relationship happened. I’ve saved pictures of us together only for the express purpose to defend myself if someone decided to entangle me in a legal battle. Mia and Noah both have tried multiple times in recent years.

I know my rights as an author. I researched heavily before publishing. I can also see where my traffic comes from and what you click on while you’re here. *blinks* Perhaps you all should consider that I am not the one creeping around “out to get” anyone. I just keep catching people poking around where they don’t belong and calling them out.

Of course this blog and most of my social media is public. No laws are being broken as you peruse my pages so I can’t tell you to leave. I can only implore you to stop enabling your “friends”.

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