Class Wars

Yesterday I was browsing around the news looking for the flight plan of the Indy 500 Thunderbird flyover. I happened across this article and clicked through to read it.

Now, I understand college is not cheap. Tuition has gotten entirely out of control in the United States and needs some serious adjustments. I don’t entirely disagree with the student who shared his lament during the interview.

I do, however, disagree with this idea that online/remote education is some how “less than” attending the same classes, with the same instructors, and the same curriculum simply because it’s online. TRUST ME. You get what you pay for.

Compared to my first online education adventure, my remote university experience has been worth every federally funded subsidized and borrowed penny. Of course my particular school actually broke down the cost of attending the same classes at the main campus vs simply enrolling online so I can and always have known that I’m not paying for housing, athletics, shared student facilities, etc. What I am paying for is the same instructors, the same curriculum, the same required debate/discussion/class participation, the same EDUCATION.

I could have continued my education with my first school at about 1/4 the cost of my current school BUT the curriculum was lacking, I had no interaction with my professors, no interaction with my classmates, and no class participation. It was every man for himself at my first school, and I did well, but I wasn’t as engaged. I felt like I was merely regurgitating a text book and not really expanding any of my skills.

That’s what I got with an inexpensive online school. I stepped it up a notch and enrolled in an online university to finish my education and HOLY GUACAMOLE is it different. I love it. I’m not just skirting along, but I’m actually thriving and engaged with classmates and my professors. I’m not just regurgitating the text book anymore, I’m actually learning and retaining the information. Like… I can’t even articulate how different the experience is compared to my first school. lol.

So… to have these kids come along and complain that something is lacking from remote online education simply under the guise of being unable to exist on a campus… really gets under my skin. Most of these universities have and are offering refunds on housing and other associated costs that students can’t utilize during the pandemic. To demand MORE refunds by claiming that the quality of the education is somehow less… entirely misses the point. Sure, many other online schools exist and offer less expensive classes, but I assure you kids… If education is truly your end goal paying for the university is worth it. At least until we can overhaul the system and cut costs all together. Then you won’t have to choose between affordability and education.

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