Isaac arrived at the school promptly at 7 am before many of the faculty had a chance to claim the prime parking spots. He swung the car into the first open spot he saw and killed the ignition. Before exiting the car, he stared through the windshield at the large brick building. The school appeared … Continue reading Headmaster

Now Available: Jericho

All families have their strengths and weaknesses. For the Fosters, it was no different. Isaac, the Foster family’s patriarch, made his lot in life by enlisting in the military immediately after college. It was the quickest and most accessible way out of the tiny Midwestern town where he grew up. He served admirably through his … Continue reading Now Available: Jericho


The sun slowly began to peek over the horizon as Paul shuffled quietly down the street. He had been making the same journey for nearly sixty years: three short city blocks from his well kept brownstone to his small jewelry shop. Paul sighed as he dug into the left pocket of his well worn khaki … Continue reading Sterling


“We’re done, Dad. Now what?” Jericho asked, expecting Will to lecture him for being irresponsible.  “Get in your car and follow me. I’m going to teach you your way around the city. I want you to follow me, then I’ll drive away and tell you where I’m at so you can come to find me. … Continue reading Metaphorical

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