Personal Musings

Personal Musings

Back to Class

Fall break was just what I needed to relax and reset. We took a quick road trip to help my parents for a few days and celebrate our 11th dating anniversary. While our wedding anniversary isn’t until March, we like to celebrate all of the important days in our relationship. I’m an overly sentimental sap, … Continue reading Back to Class

Butterfly Wings

This transition from trauma to post-trauma has become more difficult than I anticipated. The elation has started to wane and the struggle has begun. I mean that’s what happens when the traumatizing event finally ends. Especially for those of us with PTSD. Our nervous systems go haywire with emotional explosions both figuratively and sometimes literally. … Continue reading Butterfly Wings


I’ve spend the past few days during my school break decluttering a lot around here. Part of it is because I revamped my marketing strategies and don’t need the same posts a millionty times, and part of it is due to the massive personal growth I’ve accomplished in recent weeks. Lots of stuff is happening … Continue reading De-Cluttering


Wrapping up my first term at school was an interesting experience to say the least. The last few units of my statistics class were challenging, I wrote the wrong style of essay for my English final, and all the kids decided they were done with homeschooling and fought with me tooth and nail to finish … Continue reading Challenger

Five Percent

In stark contrast to my most recent work of fiction (Jericho), my first release Candy Apple Butterscotch is a memoir and it is based entirely on my own experiences and people who have crossed my path. Some of the circumstances from my memoir do overlap into my fiction. Not only in Jericho, but all of … Continue reading Five Percent

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