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“Whimsy and Sterling was a warmhearted story that engaged me with its journey. The tragic situation is something many have dealt with, and the road to fixing a problem is not always what we initially thought it was. I liked how the book was inspirational and the adventure the characters were led on. The flow of life will lead one in the right direction; all one has to do is go within and listen. A powerful book and nicely written.” -J.Minag, Whimsy and Sterling

“Gorgeously-written coming of age story, you get to know and care for the main character, Jericho – the writing is beautiful, and very real; the story isn’t too fast-paced, while still being brilliantly gripping, with that wonderful balance of tension and reality. I think the book is worth a read, even just casually – I pick this book up in my spare time, and each and every time is a treat; it’s not difficult to pick up or put down (and always pick back up!) which is a great way to pass the time, to scroll through my e-book in a bath, get lost in a little world in my spare time. I loved this, and I think others will too!” -Sarah Easley, Jericho

“You can withstand anything, or so you think.  But little by little you are chipped away until you fall down.  So it was with the walls of Jericho, so it is with fictional character Jericho.  He grew up facing a few challenges, yet overcame to be his own man.  Some decisions aren’t easily made, some consequences beyond unfortunate; but you do what you have to do to survive.  As you walk with Jericho through his short life, you may question your own decisions and thoughts.  Some lives seem to have it all, while others seem to be pitfalls for disaster.  An impressive, intense new read by Rebecca MacCeile.   Would you have been strong enough to live his life?  Are you strong enough to read about it?” Kathee T, Jericho

“Anything that starts with an 8 yo girl being abused you know is going to be a tear-jerker. Wat a moving story that touches the soul. It is captivating and heartwarming as well as tense and emotional. Read this story to see if she survives, how she survives, and the strength it took to keep help head up.” -Michael L.F. Slavin, Candy Apple Butterscotch

“I love it! It’s easy to follow and i think it’s perfectly balanced in terms of descriptions and plot flow. Those might not be the correct terms to use but I’ll explain what I mean. I hate when authors are overly descriptive and spend too much time on small details. Stephen king does it. Now Stephen is one of my favorite authors but I never read his books because the only reason they are so long is because he painstakingly overly describes every single thing and it makes me lose focus. Like the first chapter of the dark tower series gunslinger is all about the sand and I’m like come on lol I hate that. This book definitely doesn’t do that. The author gets to the point while still painting a very clear and definite picture for the readers and I love that. The accounts of the trauma are laid out in such a way that you know what’s happening and are able to imagine it but you aren’t bombarded with intense graphic imagery, which I appreciate as a survivor myself. Would definitely recommend!” -Heather, Candy Apple Butterscotch

“I have to say that I am blown away by this author’s honesty and transparency. She has suffered several traumatic sexual assaults, and she is brutally honest about her memories of those incidents and how they impacted her life in the short term and long term. The book is repetitive in places, but what a story it tells. You can’t help but feel sorry for her and how this shaped her young life and continues to impact it more than a decade later. Her primary attacker continued to abuse her in different wants a decade after his attacks. In certain sections, she also addresses the laws around rape, rape reporting, and charges of false accusations. She also discusses the continued social stigma around rape. If you’ve been sexually assaulted yourself, you may find power in her words as she talks about her life; conversely, it may bring up too painful memories for you. If you have suffered assault yourself, know that this book is honest and raw, and you will need to determine whether you are in a place where you can learn of another person’s truth about a situation similar to yours.” Jamie, Turquoise Boot Straps

“This amazingly written gem takes you inside the author’s world and keeps you there, making you feel like a discreet “bug on the wall.” I could not put it down, and I may have skipped a few meals in the process, truth be told. I will buy any book by this author. She did an outstanding job of transcribing black and white to COLOR. I feel like I’ve known her all my life.
It’s the way ALL books should be written. I’m sooooo proud of her…!!!” -skyjazz, Candy Apple Butterscotch

“This is a very important subject that is often awkwardly laughed about or completely swept under the carpet. The author has done a lot of research into how prevalent sexual assault/violence is. It does seem baffling that in today’s society this is still a widespread problem and we continue to ignore it or avoid discussing it. Even now the victim is made to feel as if they have done something wrong and end up being the one who has to justify what they were wearing, where they were, what they said. I recommend everyone read this book, it’s not overly long so it only takes about 2-3 hours. However, those few hours shall be thought provoking and challenging.” -Sharon, Turquoise Boot Straps

“I wish everyone would write a memoir. It would be so much easier to understand people. I haven’t been through anything as violent or traumatic, but I think this story is relatable in a lot of ways. It just makes me see a lot of things differently in every day life. It’s a big eye opener. I might read it again because idk what to do with myself now that it’s over!” -Dennis T., Candy Apple Butterscotch

“This. is an excellent novella. that will capture you from the start and keep you reading! I loved the story – I mean inheriting a library would be a dream come true but then, the rest of the story takes even that dream to the next level. This is a great book, do not miss it.” -Pat, Eleanor’s Library

“This is an impactful read if you have ever experienced any sort of abuse. If you ever been taken advantage of or question your self-worth because of how you’ve been treated by people for whom you cared, you should read this. I appreciate the author’s candor and willingness to write with such openness. She takes responsibility for herself as much as she describes the lasting effects of trauma. Thank you.” -Peggy Fleming, Candy Apple Butterscotch

“This is the 1st book I’ve read written by Rebecca MacCelle; she has done a great job at writing a good book; I can’t wait to read more of her books.
The story line caught my attention at the very beginning and kept me interested throughout the entire book.” -Jeanne, Whimsy and Sterling

“This book was gut wrenching and hard to read at times but relevant in the # Me too times we are living in. Anyone can be entangled in deceitful and narcissistic lives. Rooting for Becca to stand strong.” -Dee Smith, Candy Apple Butterscotch

“May I say, a “sterling effort”? A lovely read that had me intrigued from start to finish. Well crafted prose, great characters and a captivating story line.
What more could you ask for?” -Blair, Whimsy and Sterling

“This is one of those books that really hits home if you’ve had a terrible relationship. Not like a bad breakup over something stupid…but the kind where you’re totally convinced that this horrible person is your soulmate. Where they’ve brainwashed you so well that you’d jump the proverbial and literal bridge if they asked. I really became invested in the people and had a clear visual on them. There are moments I can relate to so exactly that it was hard to continue reading at times, but I’m really happy I did.” -M. Diersing, Candy Apple Butterscotch

“Rebecca MacCeile is no stranger to PTSD, and she beautifully pens down her characters’ endless struggles with their inner demons in Novelties, a collection of four short stories. In “Experience Et Cetra” a girl takes a road trip that tests her friendship.
A state cop survives a fatal accident and is relieved to learn his past life stayed intact in “The Calamity Falls”. The protagonist of the witty tale “The Search for Brians” ponders her botched second chance after an accident.
The vulnerable narrator in “Odessa” reminisces about her days as a corporate leader as she struggles to come to term with her new life after a serious psychiatric episode.
The ending in all stories leaves the reader with many questions, but MacCeile authentically portrays feelings of troubled souls.” -T.S., Novelties